About Eldeen

My name is Eldeen Annette, and I create powerful headshots for business professionals – not just because it’s my business, but because I love it! I love getting to know people one-on-one and figuring out how to photograph each of my awesome clients in a way that highlights their very best.  Every person should have an image that represents their unique giftings and qualities, their expertise, their values, their warmth and personality, and of course, an image that is strikingly attractive and strong.

Fun facts about me:
– I am a classical opera singer
– I ride speed motorcycles
– I love moving (we are currently in house 5 in 13 years)
– I love renovating my house.
– You will find me at a roller coaster theme park at least once a year.  I NEED ROLLER COASTERS.
– I can’t do math.  Despite my literal best efforts.  I just don’t get it.
– I have two daughters who are continually amazing me.  I love being a mom.
– Photography is the biggest passion I have.  I put every spare moment into continuing to learn and get better.
– I have exceedingly high expectations for myself (a good thing and sometimes can be a bad thing.  But mostly it just pushes me to be the best and not settle until I’ve got there — a life-long pursuit of learning)
– I deeply value knowing people one-on-one. 
– I have a passion for helping people leave a legacy and for preserving memories of events and of people.
– I am a solid Christian.  Unashamed.
– I live each day to the fullest – whether it’s learning a new photography lighting technique, going to Disneyland, or reading a book on the back porch.  I value life!

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me! I can’t wait to meet you and create a powerful portrait with you.
– Eldeen

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