“Working with Eldeen was awesome! She creates a comfortable environment so you feel relaxed. The session went fast but never felt rushed. She pays attention to every detail, she knows exactly how to place you in order to get the best possible shot and her directions are easy to follow. Eldeen’s confidence, caring and professionalism combined to produce a great final product and I love the shots I got!"

– Heather Spillman

9 News

“Eldeen is welcoming and professional in her approach to capture the slice of life that is you. Her attention to detail is not only refreshing, but much needed for this industry. I'm humbled by the fantastic images she captured. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!"

– RJ Wagner


Hi Eldeen,

Just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed our recent photo shoot. You have an extraordinary vision of what you want, and the ability to clearly elicit your vision from your subjects.
Years ago, I did a photo shoot for a print-ad campaign and, looking back, I see that the photographer basically just took whatever I gave her. But you had a clear target in your mind of what you wanted to accomplish and led me toward that destination in every step,  with straightforward direction coupled with surprisingly subtle adjustments.  It was like we were dancing, with you leading, and all I had to do was follow.  And not step on your toes.
One unexpected aspect of your direction was that it encompassed not only how I should move or stand, but also how I should feel.  Following your directions was quite a learning experience for me, as I had to take your instructions and figure out how to translate them into facial expressions and body language.
I was also very impressed with the technical aspects of the shoot, and your regard for your camera's capabilities, the background effects, and nuances in lighting.
And to top it off, when I saw the final results, all I could say was “Wow, do I really look like that?!?"
So thank you for a wonderful experience!

– Cameron Carson

Eldeen – My headshots are awesome!  I normally hate taking pictures but you made it fun and easy. Can’t wait to share.

– Ryan Knott

– Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

“Eldeen was absolutely fantastic to work with! She's friendly and professional and had great attention to detail. She's someone that definitely knows
what she's doing when it comes to photography and I felt comfortable and confident in her work throughout the shoot. Her level of professionalism comes through in the photos I received and my headshots look great!"

– Jenny Kim

Thank you so much for taking the time to take my headshots today.  It was such a lovely and inviting experience.  I felt so comfortable and confident in your hands.  I have never been coached before on how to hold and tilt my head and the results are stunning!  My photos are gorgeous and truly don't need any touchups at all!  Your work with natural light and posing me correctly is second to none.  I truly am thankful for your art. I will passing your name on to all I know!

– Linsdey Baker, Realtor

Eldeen is a fantastic professional photographer specializing in headshots and portraiture.  She is particularly good at making you feel comfortable and finding poses that make you look your best, resulting in high quality photos.  She has a keen eye and great attention to detail.  Plus, she is incredibly prompt – I had my photos before I even made it home from the session.

– Dave M.

– Attorney & Real Estate Broker

The cool thing about Eldeen is that she’s calming and easy to be around. She wants to get to know you so your personality shines through in your business headshot. I had a blast. Thank you Eldeen!

– Brie Fowler

I had an amazing, uplifting, confidence-boosting experience getting headshots with Eldeen. 

Before I arrived, I was very nervous and tense and worried that I was going to have trouble getting my genuine personality to show. The greatest thing happened when I got there. Eldeen greeted me like we had already been friends and from there, proceeded to make me feel beautiful and so relaxed that I forgot all about my insecurities and absolutely loved my session with her. As if the time with Eldeen wasn’t fabulous enough, I was even more excited when I saw how wonderful my headshots turned out. I would totally and highly recommend working with Eldeen for, not just incredible headshots but, an experience that leaves you with the feeling of being on top of the world!

– Cara Noel